The Saga Continues


Hey Gang,

so there we were roaming the halls of the local mall looking for prospects and shoving a business card into any open hand and letting everyone who would listen know of the awesome benefits of having their very own LegalShield membership.  But, there had to be a better way.  Our very actions were telling the world that if you want to be successful in your LegalShield Business then YOU TOO will be out at the Mall shoving business card into the hands of unsuspecting shoppers.  This was certainly not the way to win friends and influence people let alone recruit the right people into your business.  THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!

During this time I started to search for other ways of getting prospects.  I absolutely refused to leave notes on gas pumps, bum rush anyone who came within my 3 foot radius, or stand out in front of the local Walmart looking to “Get One” before the night was over.  My search took me online.  I reasoned that there had to be a way to reach people online and allow them the opportunity to learn about my wonderful opportunity.  There are thousands and thousands of people looking for the right opportunity online every day but how do you reach them?

My search led me to get interested in some of the emails that relentlessly poured into one of the email accounts.  You see, I set up several junk mail accounts.  If I suspected that signing up for something was going to land me on somebody’s email list I would give them a certain email account.  Then I would go and get the prize, or download or webinar and not worry about the junk mail that would surly follow.  One day I was searching my junk mail email account and noticed that the same guy had been emailing me for yearrrrrssss but I never paid any attention to the email until something caught my eye.  This email was basically telling my story.  I belonged to a network marketing company but had found myself in the NFL (No Friends Left) club.  This person told his story and showed how he was able to make it in internet marketing and promised that even if you belonged to another (Primary) business his program would help you to get leads for that business while building an income even if they said no to your company.

I was skeptical but as I looked through this email account I keep seeing other offers that claimed the same thing.  I started to pay attention to what my emails were telling me and started to check out these individuals relentlessly sending me emails.  I will tell you what this lead me to next time.

Peace and blessings,


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