Muhammad Ali’s Top 10 Rules for Success

As the world morns the loss of “The greatest of all time” Muhammad Ali, I was looking for a way to give a tribute to my hometown hero and ran across these Top 10 rules for success.  These rules are not just for success in boxing but success in life.  I got it from Evan Carmichael’s youtube channel.  I hope you enjoy them.


On a personal note Muhammad Ali was my hero.  As a child I was so proud to watch every match that came on tv.  It was great to see a brother from Louisville, Ky shake up the world.  Muhammad Ali not only shook up the world of boxing but he shook it up when he stood up against going to Vietnam as a conscientious objector.  This took courage and boldness of the type we had not seen before.  Even those that disagreed with his stance had to admire the courage and conviction it took to make this stance.

Rest in Peace Champ!  In and out the ring your showed you were the greatest of all time.


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