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Ok the next stop on my crazy internet marketing expedition is Instant Downline Network.  While I was still struggling with MLSP I noticed a group that was getting a lot of traction on Facebook.  One of the guys who was in MLSP invited me to the Facebook group and they grew from 8,000 to 10,000 members in no time.  The premises or promise of the founder, Jordan Keyes, was that he would build your downline automatically through a rotator that would place individuals who can in after you, under you in your downline.  Everyone had to join one particular company, The Financial Fitness Network.  This company had some hoaky products that were offered for free and some others that could be marketed.  The company had a simple commission setup.  The people in Instant Downline Network really didn’t care too much what the products were they just wanted to get in on the “Hugh” downlines promised.  There were two other components that came in later.  One was called “The Bridge”  and the other “The Private Millionaires Club”  The Bridge was low cost and designed to build up the cash reserves of those who could not join the PMC right away because the price was rather steep.

Jordan had also designed a members area where there was some training set up as well as an area where people could socialize and welcome new members.  There were prizes to be won to keep everyone’s interest.

Bottom line on this pitstop is that the people who got in first made money and the people who came in later made nothing.  I believe I broke even or took a small loss on the PMC.  The lesson here is that you should not get caught up in the the next new shiny object to come along.  The hype up claims could not be maintained.  The Instant Downline Network looked for another company to join up with and found one in a company call TAN.  It was based in England.  As before the people who got in first got paid and the ones who came later got nothing.

Ok, so now I’m really starting to understand how people can be so easily tricked out of their money by sound good promises and some smoke and mirrors.  Believe it or not I think that people know this and deliberately set up situations that will generate this type of behavior and capitalize on it for their gain.

Somebody said best “There’s a Sucker born every day”.

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Oh by the way if you see this give a comment below and I will send you something free that should help you in your business.

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  1. learn

    Mon 22nd Feb 2016 at 9:10 pm

    Did any of you Join IDN? What was your experience like?

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