Graduation Day


Ok Gang I have been away for a little bit working on some exciting new things that I will share with you soon. I will continue my saga on the next installment but now I just want to take the time and reflect on one of the big milestones in my life.  Tomorrow 12/11/2015, I will be getting my Master degree and am very thankful to to God for allowing me the opportunity to continue and finish this degree in Theology.

It was my “Why” when I joined LegalShield in 2011 so it has been one of those achievements that has been just out of reach.  There was always something that came up that forced me to put it on the back burner.  The death of my mother, the loss of my job, and my wife’s sickness were all events that occurred while trying to continue my education.  One of my mentors always says “It Is Impossible To Stop A Man Or Woman Who Will Not Quit!”  I refused to give up.  That’s the way I am.

I also refuse to stop fighting to become an online Marketer and have been working on a project that I am going to let you in on right now.  Check out this link and pick up on some great bonuses all dealing with using and getting leads from Facebook.  This will only last for three days so pick up your copy as soon as possible.  The product is “Fan Page Money Method” by Michael Cheney but make sure you click on my bonus page and take advantage of some very helpful material that will help you to grow as an Internet marketer too.  Also, you can get a 25% discount if you use the code: “secret25” at check out.

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