April Fools



Ok I’m driving down the highway and I receive a call from a friend who I had recently reached out to so I was expecting a return call.  During the course of the conversation he excited asked if I had heard the news that this high level government leader had been assassinated.   I thought for a minute and had just been listening to the news before he called so I was ready.    I said this is an April fools right.  I hoped indeed that it was because it would have been tragic.   He said “yea, you sharp!  I couldn’t get ya”  I had to agree that it was a good one so I got my daughter with it and she got her friend.   Ha Ha Ha.

Speaking of April fools I know sometimes we can end up feeling like a fool when we buy some Info products that just don’t deliver.  I have been checking out several products that seem to be different because of the value that they give.  I will be sharing these with you over the next few days.  The first one you can take a look at is below:

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