100 day biz builder challenge

2016-02-04_0007Hey Gang, the last episode of My crazy Internet Marketing Expedition I told you that I joined the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge in MLSP.  This challenge was run by Justice Egan and Adam Chandler, two respected Internet Marketers.  The Challenge was set up to help newbees as well as experienced Internet Marketers to grow their business by giving them a blueprint to follow in order to make since out of all of the many facets of Internet Marketing.  It was designed to be a 14 week course.  I was in the second group to go through it so instead of live weekly conference calls we watched weekly videos that taught us profitable skills and habits that would result in growth in both our business and in ourselves.  Each video was one to three hours in length and covered various subjects such as:

  • Content Marketing

  • FaceBook Marketing

  • Conquering Procrastination

  • Conquering Excuses

  • Blogging Blueprint

  • Developing Your Money Skill

  • Mastering Personality Traits

  • SEO

  • Making the Shift

  • Multiple 6-Figure Earner Ray Higdon Exposes His Secrets

  • Advanced Selling Strategies

There were several live gatherings where we all got on a Hangout and reviewed and listened to some of the people who were having success in their businesses.

I followed the challenge and did learn a great deal about Internet Marketing in the process but I did not have much success with generating leads.  I believe this was due to my own lack of understanding and effort.  There was something missing that needed to change in order for me to change.  All of the knowledge in the world will not help you if you never commit to implement what you have learned.  I had to come to the realization that THERE IS NO QUICK FIX.  NO MAGIC SOLUTION THAT WILL SOLVE ALL OF MY PROBLEMS.  You have to commit to implement what you learn and painstakingly walk step by step through the problems until you have understanding and victory.

I did not make 1 sale in MLSP and did not get but 1 lead and I actually tried.  There was still something wrong.  What was it that I was missing.  Why was I not being successful when all I have ever known is success?

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